About Us

If you are looking for a partner to help take your company to the next level, then we may just fit that bill. We combine decades of research in digital marketing, web development, sustainability, digital artwork, next-gen hardware and much more.

Our founders have helped hundreds of companies increase their bottom line and partnered with some of the world’s largest companies on digital marketing and transformation projects.

Disrupt Your Market or be Disrupted...

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We are a boutique digital marketing and web design agency based in Bristol. We also partner with boutique creative houses across the globe to offer a full range of creative solutions.

The Management Team

Tom Donadel


Tom started his first digital business at the tender age of 17. He quickly realised acquiring digital marketing and web development skills would be the only way to run a profitable company. Still, He fell in love with the digital arts along the journey and is now a highly skilled all round digital expert.

Tom has agency side and direct experience in digital PR, SEO, web development, advanced software/virtual reality development and digital transformation projects. He has strong passions for motion effects, complex coding, digital artwork and almost every form of digital beauty. 

Keith Newman


Keith has an academic background in meteorology and studied at the world’s leading facility in the late 90s. This lead to a lifelong environmental passion which he currently deploys as an international equities trader in ecologically based disruptive innovation. 

Keith is an International DJ based out of Brazil and an angel investor in world class business ideas and special individuals. Keith performs the role of Chief Sustainability Officer to make sure the company is world leading in its direct air captured carbon sequestration and storage programme.